Be part of the development for the Parkinson’s disease cure

The sickness that severely affects the quality of life of millions of people

Propel this research and transform the life of millions of patients

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Cure an incurable disease

Your investment will bring to the market a treatment that targets the base of the second-most frequent neurodegenerative disease in the worldwide.


Recover the quality of life

Be part of this solution and make it possible for millions of people to renew their neural structures damaged by Parkinson’s disease.


Break into the market with Nanotechnology

Propel the first treatment for Parkinson’s disease that uses nanoparticles to treat the base of the problem.


Be part of a global milestone

Achieve the mission
of applying the
cure for a disease
that affects millions of people.

Discover the research that will evolve the nanomedicine

With the help of Nanotechnology, a group of Mexican scientists has developed a Neuronal Regenerative Therapy. The treatment consists of nanoparticles containing the DNA coding sequence for a protein that promotes neural survival and regenerates the neuronal system damaged by Parkinson’s disease.

Accelerate the cure for Parkinson’s disease

Being an ally of the Nanoparticle Therapy Institute will allow you to propel a treatment that, with a single dose, stops the progression of Parkinson’s disease and regenerates the damaged neuronal system. The current medicines only temporarily relieve motor symptoms.

Deepen into the vision of Nanoparticle Therapy Institute

Collaborating with the Nanoparticle Therapy Institute is to become part of a triple helix consortium: companies, research center, and the public sector. Our mission is to promote research on nanomedicine leading to develop treatments common diseases in the world. Meet our network of allies and contribute to a holistic transformation.


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